Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Kaffe Fassette

Where has the summer gone? I feel like I blinked and suddenly the children were back in school and autumn was upon us. Things are coming together in the shop, fabric rearranged and organized. I'm still having to learn where everything is, but I love the way it looks.

I really feel like fall is the time to settle in to some bigger projects. It's also the time to start Holiday sewing and making (if your really organized that is) and our new shop look is now organized and so much more conducive for getting the materials you need.

We've been getting more fabric in too. If your looking to start Christmas sewing we have really stocked up on our holiday fabrics this year.  We've also gotten in lots a new Kaffe Fassette. And it's got a place right in the center of the store!

I hope we'll see you in the shop or online soon.
Happy Sewing,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

We've Rearranged!

Over the last week the store has been taken apart and put back together again. Kind of like the Six Million Dollar Man but instead of robot arms and super speed we've got a more open shop with fantastic fabrics on display and no more clutter around the cash register! I won't say much only that we probably quadrupled the amount of fabrics for sale!! Definitely come in and check it out.
The new design is open and light.

Fabrics are arranged by collection and designer

This is just a taste of the fabrics on sale. This entire wall is sale
fabric now. $7 a yard.

A place for everything and everything in it's place.

Candy dishes filled with delicious threads
and Cake stands piled high with luscious precuts.

All Kaffes.

Open and light makes looking at bolts so much easier.

Hope to see you in the shop soon.
Happy Sewing,
Jessie and Sue.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy thursday everyone! We've got several new fabric lines in the shop. We gave you a sneak peak of these two collections several months ago. They're finally here!

From Moda comes the linen like toweling fabric. I love this fabric and think it would be perfect for fifties inspired embroidered tea towels or lovely kitchen curtains. I really like the wholesome feel and look of these fabrics. Click HERE for details.

Secondly we've got the Cotton + Steel collection. I have been looking forward to this new fabric line for ages. What you see below is just a taste of all their fantastic prints. The designers have such a new and fresh look. Click HERE for lots more.

Before I go, I have to tell you about this project I finished. I used the Bali fabric Caramel and Kaufman Cornucopia and the Valorie Wells sewing card placemat and napkin pattern. This is the first time I've used batiks. Did you know that batiks don't have a wrong side? That is so cool! From start to finish this project took only a few hours. The only thing that I didn't like was that the fabric requirements were for just one placemat. Who would want just one placemat? Anyway if your looking for a quick project to make for a wedding or house warming gift and your low on time then I think this project is the one.

Happy sewing everyone!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meet the Shop

We're starting a new segment on the blog that I'm calling "Meet the Shop." We thought that it would be nice to put faces to the great products, classes, and customer service we offer at Sew Unique Threads. I should be starting with the owner, proprietor and sewing rock star of this lovely fabric oasis but she's been out of the country and I thought it might be a bit much to ask her a bunch of interview questions while jet legged. In that case, we're going to start with me. I'll do my best to give you information that I think makes us more personable but if you have questions you'd like asked please leave them in the comments.
I'm standing in front of my current favorite fabric
"Cooking Italiano." It sums up
my love for cooking in a funky vintage print.
Click HERE for details.

I'm Jessie Heninger I'm 33 years old. I'm a married mother of two boys and I'm a vintage girl at heart. I blog about my experiences trying to find that elusive fifties housewife buried deep inside me at

I've been sewing for twelve years. When I was a newlywed my husband and I were buying our first washer and dryer and I fell in love with a small blue ultra light kenmore sewing machine. I walked past it and I swear it spoke to me. I've been slowly increasing my skills ever since.

I love to sew and craft and I've made all kinds of things including toys, dolls, clothes, crib blankets, pillows, and bags. My favorite things to sew are decorations for the home, nerdy messenger bags, and most of all women's apparel. I really love taking fabric and turning it into a well fitting garment... It doesn't always work out that way of course, I've made plenty of duds, but I keep on stitching.

The last thing I made was a cheery knit strawberry dress for my birthday and patchwork pillows for my some-day camper. I'm hoping to make a teal colored dress for fall soon. On my table now is a fabric for a couple of placemats and cloth napkins for a wedding shower gift.
My new project. There's never a shortage of ideas and inspiration in the store!

My role in the store is that as blogger and tech girl. That means as far as our online presence goes you probably hear from me more then the others. I get to shop sit once in a while and I love working with customers in the store.  My favorite part of working for Sew Unique Threads, is getting to make projects and feature them on the blog. I love sharing ideas and my love of fabric with other like minded people.

That's me, in a felt nutshell, pleased to meet you.
Happy Sewing,
Love, Jessie

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In the Shop Monday.

This post was originally written on Monday but because of technical difficulties wasn't posted until today.

Just popping in from the store today. We're in the midst of changing from rubber banding the bolts of fabric to using clips. Fascinating, I know, and you may be wondering how I could pull myself away to write this... The cool thing about this project is that I get to see lots of fabric. Some of it I've forgotten about and some of it I've never really seen, it's actually pretty cool.

There's so much going on in here. Lot's of new kits being made for fall, more to come on all that I assure you. Plans to completely rearrange which is both exciting and scary. Very thankful that I am not in charge of that project, I just get to show up and help. Looking forward to a new look for the shop.

Last week I tie-dyed t-shirts for the first time with some students and now my nails are red and blue. It does not look as cool as it sounds. Fun project though, I had never experimented with dying fabrics before and it was really satisfying (even if my hands are now blue). I'm also completely engrossed in this season of Project Runway. Are any of you into that show? I don't love the drama but I do love seeing their ideas come to life. It's amazing, and as someone who sews I really appreciate what they can accomplish.
I am so lucky to get to work with Jr. High girls. So much fun.

This was a pinterest project that actually worked! Click HERE
for the original pin.

Not too much to report on, except that Hazel the Hedgehog kit is still on special for this week. Hope all is well in sewing land.

Happy Sewing,
Jessie and Sue.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Easy Patch Work

Today I wanted to share with you a trick I picked up for making patch work pillows, bags or other decorative items. I originally gleaned this piece of information from Posie Gets Cozy my favorite sewing blog. I've been reading her posts for years, filled with wonderful pictures and great indie patterns.

Instead of sewing each square one at a time there is a much quicker way. I don't know that this would work well for an actual blanket because the ending result is a bit stiff, however, for home decor and accessories I think this is brilliant. I've used this method to make pillows, cushions, and even purses!

I'll be making a pillow for this example.

1. Cut a piece of fusible interfacing as big as you need it to be. (I was really professional and lay the pillow form on the interfacing and cut around it.) Lay it fusible side up.

2.  Lay your squares on the interfacing, touching but not overlapping.

3. Using an iron affix your squares to the interfacing.

4. Fold over the first column of squares and iron.

5. Sew the entire length of the column at one time!

6. Fold over and iron and sew each consecutive column, followed by each row.

7. You now have a square of perfectly lined up patches in no time at all!
I need a slightly bigger pillow form. Fabric is from moda's smore's collection.

We have a new kit on special for this week and next. It's a hedgehog appliqué tea towel. 13.95 includes all the fabric and the towel. 

Crazy how fast summer is slipping away. Already I can feel a chill creeping around the edges and am shocked to see night coming on sooner and sooner. I'm not ready for this season to be gone. I'll just keep sewing campy little pillows and garden things.

Happy Sewing,
Jessie and Sue

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oh so many new things in the shop and online. We're still getting in lots of Christmas fabrics which is both fun and unsettling. I realize sewing takes time you can't wait until November or December to start all your Christmas sewing, but I'm still unwilling to imagine snow!
Snow Bird Batiks check it out HERE

25th And Pine from Moda click HERE for details
We also got in a brand new designer and collection. From WindHam comes the "Cooking Italiano" collection. It was love at first sight for me. This fall I'm remodeling my kitchen (yeah!) and I am making new cafe curtains out of this stuff! It's so great, and completely retro which fits me like the proverbial glove. You can find it in the store or online HERE.

Cooking Italiano Click HERE for details
We've also gotten in new Ghastlies! This stuff just kills me. So clever and dark. Very fun. Click HERE for more.

Finally the Kit of the Week that we previewed last weekend. $27 dollars for everything you see here.
And we're putting an extra kit on sale this week!

This is such a sweet quilt and would look amazing in a little (or big) girls room. On sale for $106. Check it out HERE. Or just the pattern HERE.

Happy Sewing friends.
Jessie and Sue

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kit of the Weekend

Sewing friends I am so sorry that this was not posted earlier in the week. We were having major website problems (you should see my backlog of inventory!) So instead of a kit of the week we're featuring a Kit of the Weekend. It's really a preview for next weeks kit! This weekend and next weeks kit is another mini quilt. Includes the pattern, fabric and backing.
Little Bites makes me want a snack while sewing!

This is my birthday dress I was making and showing sneak peaks of. A summer strawberry dress (100% cotton knit so perfect for warm weather), made using Colette's Monetta dress pattern and vintage green rickrack. 

Finally, this custom computer bag that a friend of mine ordered. It was one of those projects I kept putting off but then when I started it went really fast. The coolest thing is this baby's going to end up in Tasmania! I just think that's neatest thing that something that I made and ran under my machine is going to be on the shoulder of a person across the world! Very cool.

I hope all is well.
Happy Sewing,
Jessie and Sue

Monday, June 30, 2014

Kit of the Week

Hello lovely sewing friends. While it's always hard to come back from a wonderful vacation, I'm glad to be home among the magic of my everyday life, which includes wonderful fabrics and projects waiting for me. Also my day lilies were in full bloom, and my baby birds had flown from their nest, all beautiful things to make homecoming sweet.

There was also a new Kit of the Week waiting for me! This one is a Wool kit that is so playful I almost can't stand it. From Plays with Wool Designs it's the Jelly Beans Mat kit. The finished design measures 8'' X 8'' and comes with all the wool you'll need and the pattern. Price is $12. Come in this week to snag one for yourself.

Were also putting a quilt kit on sale. From Pieces of my heart it's the Crossover Layer Cake Quilt. Kit includes all the fabric you'll need from the basic Grey, Hello Luscious Layer cake and fabric for the border. Originally $85 it's on sale for $68, 20% off the original. This quilt is very summery perfect for this time of year.
Finished Quilt. So summery.

Lastly, we've gotten in the fabric bundles for the Day Break quilt from Jaybird quilts.. This kit will include the pattern, fabric for the biding and background and the shimmer fat quarter Bundle used in the quilt. The price is $152.

Friends, I hope you are enjoying summer and all her bounty, even if enjoying it means staying in the air-conditioned house sewing sweet projects.
Happy Sewing,
Jessie and Sue

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kit of the Week June 18

We're still getting the hang of having the Kit of the Week up and ready first thing, but never fear we are committed! This week's Kit of the Week is the mini from This and That pattern company, it's the "Sew Little Time" pattern, which describes this pattern perfectly. The kit includes all the fabric and backings you'll need. The fabric is from Moda's "April Showers" collection. Sale price is 26.95 come into the store for details.
April Showers + This and That= Cute summer project.

Here's the mini from last week that Sue finished. Isn't it just the cutest thing? There are still patterns and kits left in the shop if your interested. It is almost cherry time here in Michigan.

There are still plenty of kits left in the shop.
This is my birthday dress, finally made. I used Colette's Monetta dress pattern and finished it off with some vintage rickrack from my stash. Beside the fact that I installed the pockets backwards I'm really happy with it. The dress came together really quickly and because I used cotton knit it's very comfortable and cool. Perfect for summer.
Birthday dress in my favorite place
Lake MI
What are you working on? We'd love to hear about it, especially if you finish a mini. I'll be gone next week vacationing with my family. I hope you all have a lovely end of June. We'll be back at the beginning of july with some great new content and ideas.

Happy sewing,
Jessie and Sue.