Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Classes!

The skirt class was a crazy success! We had so much fun laughing, being silly and, oh yeah making skirts. This was the first class I taught and it was as much a learning experience for me as it was for the students. We had a great variety of ages, the youngest being a freshmen in High school. It was so great to share my love of the art of sewing with other people.
Beautiful new sewists with new skirts!

If your interested in this kind of sewing camaraderie we're offering quite a few more classes with much more experienced teachers then myself. 

Nancy Johnson is teaching three new classes. 
The canister class (date coming soon). 

The Beetle Bag, which is a fantastic bag to carry your sewing things in, will be October 29th starting at 4pm. This class includes a soup supper and you'll have access to the shop after it closes! $20 for the class.

Every 2nd Thursday starting in September she'll be leading an embroidery stitches class. This class is $5 per session and is a hand embroider class. 

She's also teaching a Wallet Class on October 19 starting at 10am. Cost $20.

Sue will be starting the Tuffet Foot stool class Friday October 16th at 10am. The cost is $20 to reserve your spot.

If none of these classes seem to speak to your interests stay tuned we have three more teachers organizing classes. And if your interested in teaching a class contact Sue here at the shop.

We've also gotten in a couple new lines of fabric. Highlands by Michael Miller is this super awesome quirky fabric with cats! I just died. It reminds me of that 1960's style. I especially love the cat face fabric. Coming soon will also be a quilt kits from this line for the Mandala quilt. Click HERE to shop online or come into the store.

Last but certainly not least is this News Print fabric from Moda, Modern Background Paper. Two weeks ago there was someone in the shop specifically looking for news paper fabric and NOW we have it! Click HERE or come into the store.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Classes and Valeri Wells

Here at Sew Unique we think learning new things is the best way to stay inspired when it comes to sewing (and many other things in life). With that belief in mind we'e offering several new classes:

Next Saturday August  15 we're offering a "Sew a Skirt Class" the class is free if you buy your materials here. You'll need to bring a sewing machine and a package of 2'' wide elastic.

August 25th, 10-2 we're offering the Canister Class. The cost is $25. These little canisters are so cute and could work in so many different places in your home.

On the 4th wednesday of the month is our Hexie club.  During the last hour of the club 1-2 Lori will be teaching from the book Millefiori. Each session is $5 and you'll need the book Millefiori Quilt by Willyre Hammestein.

We are still looking for teachers. If you have a particular pattern that you love or just want to share some of your skills contact Sue at 269-317-3022. What a fun way to share our passions for fabric and the craft of sewing.

While learning is inspiring we admit that so is new fabric! We just received the entire line of Valeri Wells's new In the Bloom collection. 24 bolts of fun, bright fabrics with a vintage edge.

Happy Sewing and Learning,

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cotton + Steel

Have you ever stumbled on something that was perfect for you? A dress you'd imagined but never thought someone would design? That missing piece of furniture? A dessert that tickled all your taste buds? This happened to me today. I have been looking all over the shops and inter-webs for that perfect fabric for my kitchen. And today when I came into the shop I saw this:

To See online click HERE

Cue angle singing. Not only do I have a vintage Pyrex collection, including the refrigerator dishes, I also LOVE those metal picnic baskets from the fifties. It's like Melody from Cotton + Steel connected to my brain and then designed this fabric. I don't even know how many yards to buy. 100 yards? That might be enough.

To see This new Cotton + Steel click HERE
Also this week I found this fabric in the shop and was totally inspired. If you've read much fantasy, I wonder if these cloud ships remind you of that genre? Specifically the book "Star Dust". Well a book lover like me had to have some.

I've also been inspired by these Heidi Boyd embroidery kits. They come with everything you need and I just think they're so whimsical.
Click HERE for more details.
The last thing I wanted to mention was that we're looking for teachers. If you love to sew and have a desire to share that with others then come in and talk to Sue about leading a project. We're open to all kinds of fabric crafts and are looking to expand our class list.

So what's been inspiring you lately? We'd love to hear from you.
Happy Sewing.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Wool Felting and a New Class

I spent the first part of my day making more row by row kits. We had sold out! Thank you everyone who's bought one, and if you haven't, fear not there are lots more back in stock. I've also been trying to survive this sudden muggy heat. What better way then inside the air conditioning sewing a fun new project?
Click HERE for these and our other Wool Patterns.

If your looking for something new we just got in a new line of wool felting patterns. Crane Designs and they all have that folk art look that's so nice. We have patterns for pillows, wall hangings and table runners. We also carry Wool Roving in different colors (sourced from Michigan) and all the felting tools you could need.

Beautiful Roving from Grand Haven Michigan

The right felting tools make a job well done.
Click Here for Felting tools.
We're offering a new class August 25th from 10-2. Nancy Johnson will be teaching the "Ingrid Convertible Canisters" Pattern. A sweet, fun basket perfect to take on little picnics or to spruce up your pantry. The cost of the class is $25.
Convertible Canisters I love the zipper detail.

I hope you are all staying nice and cool.
Happy Sewing!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Quilt Show and Bee Hive.

The Cal-Co Quilt show is THIS weekend. Saturday and Sunday 10-4 at the Marshall High School. We're really excited to be at this new venue where we have more control over the temperatures and elements. This quilt show feels special to me because it marks my anniversary at the sewing shop. Hope we'll see you there. 701 N. marshall Ave. Marshall, MI. 49068.

Secondly, we are forming a modern Quilting Bee Group at Sew Unique.

Modern Bee by Lindsay Conner.
Click HERE for more book details.
Modern quilting is taking the quilting world by storm. Modern quilting is best identified by it's simplicity and open spaces. This Bee will be a block swap. Each month there will be a "Queen" who will receive a quilts worth of blocks .

Each member will make the requested block chosen by that month's Queen plus a signature block. We will be working from the book "Modern Bee". The Queen will select a pattern from the book and provide her specifics to the other Hive members. She may also provide fabric if she wishes.
Just a few shots of the quilts in the book.

We will exchange emails and text numbers so if there is a question of fabric or color the Queen can weigh in.

This is a fun way to ease into the modern quilting world and a great way to connect with other quilters!! The hives will form and start in September if your interested call and let us know so we can add you to our list!!

I hope summer is finding all of you sweet sewists doing well.
Happy, gardening, swimming, picnicking...and sewing!
Jessie and Sue.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fellowship of the Literary skirt.

Today I'm bringing you a post that I had up on my own personal blog. Because it was sewing related and I think we can all relate to sharing the craft we love so much with others. But first, some housekeeping. Row by Row starts tomorrow we're selling kits with the pattern for $10, if you don't want the kit the pattern is free. The first person to come into the shop with a finished quilt will receive a Color Me Happy Fat quarter Bundle!

We've started a rewards program. After you spend $250 you'll receive a $20 gift certificate. Lastly, we'll be closed on the 4th of July.

I sew a little. More then I did whe
n I started and, haltingly, made pajama pants for my sisters and in-law siblings. I am definitely more proficient then the first time I made a dress that was so ill fitting it’s makes me shudder. I wore it anyway because the fabric cost money and it was hard to make! There are photos and not only am I wearing a poorly made dress I’m wearing it very post baby. Come to think of it, that dress is packed away. I should take it out and make the boys Hawaiian shirts or something out of it. I am NO expert and, I don’t really know why I like it but I do. Fabric is so pretty and full of possibilities. It’s nice to use my hands to create something that won’t get weedy and die, or be eaten.

12 years ago my husband and I were shopping for our first washer and dryer at one of those stand-alone appliance Sears and I walked past this little blue sewing machine. It felt like a breeze blew over my heart. My spirit stirred and I just felt like I needed to take that machine home. It felt so frivolous, that’s quite an investment into something you don’t know if you’ll like. Yet, there was something inside me that knew…

All these years later and I am wearing a dress I made as a write this, a dress I rather like. Yesterday I wore a skirt and blouse I made and I think they look cute and vintage and not necessarily home made and there are pieces to a birthday dress on the floor in my studio. Last week, I gave a sewing lesson to one of my best friends. We share a lot in common, she is a writer, mother and all around sweet person. I wasn’t holding my breath that she would like to sew. After all, how could we have so many things in common? At any rate I know that there is a pretty big learning curve to this craft and a lot of people just can’t get past that.

The first of the literary skirts. Delicate and beautiful just like Jen’s main character.

Not only did she like it but She came away with the prettiest skirt. I am not kidding when I tell you that it looks like something from Anthropolgie! She wore it to writer’s group and the rest of that sacred club have decided that we all need skirts. Skirts that sort of match that we can wear as a sort of uniform to our next conference! No one has ever been this wonderfully cheesy with me before and I am over the moon about it! We’re using the same base fabrics and then accents that speak to each of our individual books we’re working on. Isn’t that just the best thing you can think of?!!! The Fellowship of the literary skirt, that’s what this project is all about, and I LOVE it. Some of them already sew, some don’t. We’ll work on them together and hopefully after July I will post a wonderful, sweet, cheesy pic of our skirts filled with our hopes and dreams of our literary future.

The tree of life for our memoire, maps for our Scottish warrior who's a catagrapher, music for me and words for us all.

It is a blessing to share small things with people you love. Silly things that pull us together and make us laugh. I’m glad me and my needle and thread get to be part of that.

If you like this skirt we have a tutorial on this blog for free click HERE and if your interested in this post maybe you'd like to check out my personal blog. Click Here to peruse.

Happy Sewing,

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Row By Row

Summer is here! And with it comes the Michigan Row by Row. We're very excited to be part of the shop hop this year. The hop starts June 21 and goes through September 28. Each store had to design their own row and the pattern for each one is free. We'll also be selling kits for ours. We hope you'll come in and we can't wait to see what the finished products look like.
Here's a sneak peak of ours. 

Just a glimpse of what's to come.
We've also been getting in new fabrics. New Kaffe's, Moda's and I can't believe I'm writing this, new Christmas fabric. I suppose those of you who are really organized will be starting that kind of thing soon, but as for me I've got to do some gardening and swimming first. 
To see this and more of the Gardenvale Collection click HERE.
New Kaffe 

If you are one of those organized people who loves to get a jump on the holidays
check this beautiful collection out. HERE.
Hope your summer is going well.
Happy Sewing,
Jessie and Sue

Thursday, May 21, 2015


New colors from the Wooly lady and we'll new be carrying valdani thread to go with it!
I was at Market last weekend scouting and buying fabric for this next year! Oh how exciting it is to walk among the creators and designers of all the companies we love best. Moda, Cotton + Steel, Art Gallery... Believe me it's difficult to keep it together and come back with a curated order for the shop. I thought it would be fun to share some pictures we snapped while there (top secret of course).
Valerie Well's new line "In the Bloom" will be in our shop sometime in June!

This Quilt is from V and Company's new line due out in September.
The colors are bold and striking.

This pillow is a sneak peak at Kaffe's new fabrics.

In the fall we'll begin this new Halloween machine appliqué project. How fun!
The Ladies who stayed behind to man the shop are getting along better and better with the new checkout system. We appreciate your patience with us so much as we get a handle on all the details.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Point of Sale System

We are finally ready to roll out our new point of sale system. So, what does that mean to you?

First, it means that everything is computerized. From our cash drawer to our inventory. Everything should have a barcode and will be scanned into the system. We're hopeful that this will make your entire shopping process more streamlined and seamless. Though, as we get going, there are sure to be kinks so please be patient as we work out the bugs.

Second, it means that there is more product on our website then ever before. It also means that it will automatically be updated. So if your shopping online and you buy a fabric or notion or tool we're sure to have it in stock. This is great for our customers that live far and away or just can't make it into the shop. Click HERE to see all we have to offer in our online shop.

Third, it means that we now have a great rewards program, what a joy to be able to give back to our faithful customers. We'll also be able to keep track of what you've bought in the store, so if you need some more of that one-kind-of-I-think-it-was-freespirit-fabric but you aren't sure, we can look it up for you and find out.

The store's been rearranged so that the cutting board and cash register are all in one place. Plus from a clerk point of view using the scanner is really fun.

It really is exciting being part of this new chapter in the shop's life and I hope you'll find it as enjoyable as we hope it is. Thank you so much for your continued support of this little sewing store, and thank you for your patience as we learn to use and fully integrate this new system.

Happy Sewing,
Jessie Heninger

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Stitches of Our Lives

My own scrappy quilt made by my great-grandmother

This week I (Jessie) had the privilege of visiting with a woman from my church who is also one of the founding members of our quilt guild. She was the original guild historian and is a beautiful and kind lady.

About a year ago the apartment building she lived in had a fire and she lost a lot of her history. As we visited today she talked wistfully of baby pictures, knick knacks and lost quilts. Like most quilters she had been in the middle of many different projects and had had an impressive collection of quilts both made and given to her. It was heartbreaking to imagine those things gone forever.

But she still had several and those she pulled from their protective pillow cases, almost lovingly, to show me. With great warmth she unfolded a small wall quilt with sweet appliquéd tea pots in tiny floral prints. Of course I was smitten, anything tea related goes straight to my vintage loving heart. There was a crazy quilt filled with tiny pieces of faded silk, a huge star quilt that boggled my mind with how intricate it was. Lastly, we unwrapped a very old quilt that her daughter had found at an estate sale. It was lovely, and signed with ink. When held to the light you could see cotton seeds from the fabric.

And, all the while we looked at these quilts she told me about what her life had been like when she'd made, or received each one. The teapot quilt had been made by a friend when she'd been hospitalized. The star quilt had come from an antique shop in the town where her husband had been born. The crazy quilt was neat but nowhere so lovely as the story it reminded her of about how her future son-in-law had left college because he couldn't stand to be away from her daughter (over thirty years of marriage later and this story makes me want to cry).

What struck me even more was that as she remembered the quilts she had lost she told me even more of her history. She described each quilt to me and then told me those stories. The quilt she had been making for her youngest granddaughter. How there was nearly a riot the first time a machine quilted quilt won best-of-show. The time she'd rescued a quilt from a barn floor, how she'd been working on a friendship quilt and what all the pieces her friends had made. It was as if her history is literally stitched into all of these blankets.

As I face my own grandmother's alzheimers I see how beautiful, sacred almost, it is to have these physical links to our pasts. Certainly, quilting is important to American history but it's more then that, it's as if the very stitches are pathways to our own lives. All my friend had to do was imagine her quilts and her stories flowed like water. What I wouldn't give to have something like that with my own Grandma, even for a moment, to hear her speak of who she was. I see now that quilts are beautiful timelines. Timelines of our country, timelines of our own lives and of those around us. A quilt can be the stitches that hold our life stories together.

I redecorated my sewing room. If your interested in a tour click HERE